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Sunday, November 20th, 2022 4:48 PM

Ideas from the Noorio camera for SS.

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​We have been using SimpliSafe for the past year and for the most part like it.​

​I recently bought a Noorio Camera for the front porch to try. There are several features that I really like I wish/hope SS adds them.​

​1) the camera is $99 the image is very good​

​App features:​

​*It has geofencing to switch modes and you can add multiple phones.​

​*You can schedule different mode switching.​

​*The motion detection is very good. You set it by the number of feet to look at.​

​*It does not have monitoring but has cloud storage(30 days) for $29/year per camera. In camera storage is free.​

​Four modes: Home, Away, Sleep, Disarm. All modes can be set to do one or all of the following. (Rec video, push notification, camera alarm)​

​when the motion is triggered it records video and very good audio. Besides a mic to talk back there is an alarm you can trigger or you can set to trigger if motion is seen. I don't use that feature.​

​I am not suggesting this camera instead of SS. I like SS alarm system, window triggers, indoor sensors, etc.​

​But many of Noorio features have been asked by me and others. Their camera price is very attractive also.​

​Here is a screenshot:​

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