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Sunday, February 27th, 2022 9:35 PM

My SS Review…

After a few hiccups with shipping, not SS fault. I received my system and got to work.  Prior to me having SS, I tried ADT for 2 days and cancelled after trying to stomach spending $85 month for Sensors and Service. I had existing Nest Cameras (6 of them) and Nest Protects (3) that ADT promised would work with their new Google partnership. That was a big joke. Prior to that system was the Nest Guard that I loved, and was professional monitored by Brinks for $20 a month. For Video I am keeping my nest Cams, I like the quality and have 24/7 recording for 10 days and 60 days of clip history. 

On to SS… 

Unpacked everything, Powered up the Base Station and was activating through the app. For some reason I was getting an error saying the Unit was assigned to someone else and had to call Customer support. Call was answered in 2 min and gentlemen that helped me was very nice and got me fixed up in 2 minutes. I then started to add the devices. Everything was super simple. I had 11 Entry Sensors, 3 Smoke Detectors, 1 CO Sensor, 1 Panic Button, 2 Door Locks, 3 Sirens, 1 Motion, 1 Glass Break. I was done with set up in about 1 1/2 hours. I used the screws included for a few items but not all. The adhesive seemed good and I am confident it will hold up.

The next few days were great. Day 4 I had a sensor have a connection issue. I opened and closed the window and it promptly reconnected to the base station. No issues for that since that time. I like to hear every chime and voice prompt so I have those settings on high and they are plenty loud. Both the locks on day 3 were giving a connection error to the base station. Although it was just an announcement, everything was still connected, the voice prompt continued. I disabled the voice prompts on the base station cause it was throwing a error every time It was armed home. No error is popping up in the app or on the keypad. I have since changed the voice prompts back on and for the past day, no issues. But started to have issues again on day 7. The voice prompts are now off. The chime will have to do. Let’s hope there is a fix for this in the future.  This is technology and stuff might have issues and I have to say so far I am very impressed with the reliability of the system.

In closing, I am very happy with this system, Between the $27.99 for the SS Professionally monitoring and the 9.99 Nest Aware Subscription I have a great combination. The Camera quality from Simplisafe has not won me over. Maybe the new outdoor camera is good but it still wont offer 24/7 video recording for the past 10 days and 60 day event history. Nest takes the cake on that.



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2 years ago

Here's hoping it's everything you expect it to be, thanks for posting the review (we need a lot more of these posts).

Fair warning, the sticky tape that SS sends out with SS3 is not likely to work long, there have been multiple reports of sensors falling off doors/windows and causing false alarms.  For your sanity, please make a trip to your local hardware or bigbox store for some 3M heavy duty sticky tape/tabs :)

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@coltmaster1​ thank you I do have some on standby, I am concerned since we get 120 degree heat here in Phoenix, AZ

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We did switch back to 3M-branded Command Strips a while back. But yep, when dealing with Arizona heat, you might want to invest in the 'outdoor' variety, at least for some sensors in more exposed areas.

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