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Monday, August 28th, 2023 11:25 PM

Ideas for development of systems

1.  Since I get a lot if notifications on my phone I utilize a soft/ short sound as system default to keep from constant interruptions.   I would like to assign a far more aggressive sound/ alarm for simplisafe push notifications but there doesn't seem to be an option in app to allow it and my Samsung android doesn't seem to allow me to assign different sounds to different apps either.  Sms alerts can have distinct sounds assigned, but push alerts are ideal and some alerts like doorbell motion detected don't have option to sms alert unless bell is pressed.

2.  Doorbell should have option to play a recorded message (like "you are being video recorded") as soon as motion is detected as a preemptive measure since people with nefarious intentions aren't necessarily planning to press the doorbell button or wait for you to get and respond to a motion alert. Ideally, let a custom message be recorded and user selectable. Why not add option to all outside cameras to warn before someone has to break in to setoff an alarm. 

3.  Let's take above idea further and develop outdoor motion sensors specifically intended to preemptively alert potential thieves before attempting to break-in as soon as they approach perimeter of home.  Voice warning and ability to send secret alert. 

4.  Develop a garage door sensor for system that can at least send secret alert when door is opened/ closed.



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11 months ago

@btdemay a big thumbs up on #4. Entry sensors on garage doors work fine, especially in home mode, away not so much. Not a lot of R&D effort needed for SS to get this over the goal line.

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11 months ago

@btdemay Thanks for these suggestions! The request for custom notification tones, outdoor Motion Sensors, and a garage door sensor has been submitted to our dev team for their consideration. If/when we get any news from them about those features, an update will be posted in their respective thread. 

Regarding custom notification sounds, your Android device should allow change the sound. Your menu may be different on your Samsung device, but this is how you would get to the menu to change notification sounds on a stock Android:

  1. Navigate to your System Settings > Notifications > Settings
  2. Scroll down, then tap SimpliSafe (or use the magnifying glass on the top right to search)
  3. Tap on a type of notification, e.g. “Doorbell Ring” or “Alarm”
  4. Scroll down and tap Sound
  5. Select a sound for your alert
  6. Tap the ←Back Button to return to the SimpliSafe Notifications screen, and follow steps 5-7 to set sounds for the other types of Notification as desired
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