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Monday, May 11th, 2020 6:46 PM


Garage Door Entry Sensor

I'm currently using another alarm company and was considering switching to SimpliSafe.  I need a sensor on my roll-up garage door and have seen the forum posts about issue with using entry sensors on a roll up door.  Your competitor offers a Tilt sensor for garage doors instead of using a magnetic entry sensor.  Just a thought for a way to make it easier for SimpliSafe Customers.



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4 years ago

In addition to a different sensor for a garage door, there kind of should be a different way of handling it.  Door sensors  allow you to access the keypad right inside the door (in intelligent layouts).  A garage door would seem to require a much longer delay to allow the alarm to be cancelled (parking, shutting off the car, getting out, getting to a keypad).  Of course, a keyfob or cell phone app could get around that requirement, but it would be a bit of a kludge.

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4 months ago

SimpliSafe needs to develop a Garage door Monitor that is incorporated into their system.

And NO its NOT a alarm it would warn you that the Garage door is open. I installed the entry

sensor as a alarm.

Basic idea:

1. Door open - it flashes the simpliSafe base light ( until the door is closed )

2. Door closed - Base station light goes off.

It seems that there a lot of customers that want such a device for the past 4 years

why does simpliSafe not  create a sensor ?  A Gravity switch sensor?

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@us7thcav​ Your request is quite similar to this thread, so I've gone ahead and merged it here. This request has been submitted to our dev team for their consideration. If we hear any news from them, we will provide an update here.

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