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Friday, January 3rd, 2020 12:41 PM

Good Service

My Glassbreak sensor came up with Battery Warning after only 4 months.

Notified SS who emailed me back within 2 hours.

Not only that they said rather than sending me a replacement battery - There sending me a new sensor as said its probably that!

Would have thought of getting a new battery would have been easier solution but hey I am glad I asked now.

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4 years ago

If that is true, I have half a dozen sensors that apparently need replacing, lol.  I've replaced more batteries than I care to count.

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4 years ago



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4 years ago

I've sent several emails about low batteries and have never heard back from them.  How did you manage to work that magic? :)

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4 years ago

I'm in UK :-)  service is great at moment here despite their mass attack there doing with offers.
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