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Monday, October 4th, 2021 6:35 PM

Great Customer Service

Recently my laundry room entry sensor has experienced issues connecting to the base. As this is hardly my first rodeo, did the troubhleshooting steps (change battery etc) and finally put in a new spare entry sensor and presto, no more issues.

Called SS support and got a support agent working remotely in GA.  Went through verification, then told her the steps taken and to request a replacement entry sensor. She advised the system was slow, apologized and said it would only take a minute. Unfortunately, her screen froze and asked if it would be okay if she transferred me to another agent. A minute later, another agent, verification and entry sensor ordered, no questions asked.

Wait time, seconds.
Both calls, including transfer: under 5 minutes.  

Both agents were extremely polite, professonal and responsive. Gee, imagine if Simplisafe improves their systems and other tools to make their lives (and us customers) easier? To be fair, its been posted new systems and the CRC are in the works.  Hopefully, all will be delivered by the holidays....2021 please!

Hats off to the two agents I spoke with today! Job well done!

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3 years ago

That's super great to hear, Captain. We're glad to see that our big push to improve Customer Service is paying off. Our initiatives aren't just about phone support, of course. We're already well into development for the new forum, and we're going to start testing chat-based support on our website very soon. And even more great features are on the way in the coming year!

- Johnny M.
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This is certainly NOT my experience with customer service.  I've tried several times to get someone to help with my keypad which runs through batteries in a week, plus randomly shuts off.  While I can still control the system from the app, it's annoying.  Both times, using chat, the conversations took forever, with repeated "verification", and still no resolve.  No suggestions at all.  Nada.  I'm going to just buy a new one and replace it.  I've been a customer for years, and got others to use the service, but SS gets a "Zero" for customer service from me...  

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@jbsoren​ I'm sorry to hear about your experience, and I will bring your feedback to our internal teams to improve our processes.

Regarding your Keypad, have you enabled power saving mode? By default, whenever someone gets close to the Keypad its proximity sensor will tell the Keypad to light up, but with power saving mode on the Keypad will only light up when a button is pressed.

You can turn on power saving mode by taking the following steps:

  1. Press Menu on the Keypad and enter your Master PIN
  2. Scroll up to "Devices" and then choose your Keypad
  3. Select "Power Savings" and then turn it on
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