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Friday, October 28th, 2022 1:54 AM

Smoke detector alarming at regular intervals

I legitimately set off the smoke detector while cooking yesterday. Since then, the detector has been false alarming every 7 hours and 19 minutes. I just cleaned the unit after reading posts in the community (news to me) but the regular interval of the false alarms seems odd. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thank you. 

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2 years ago

Hi @DJRack,

Generally speaking, the false alarms can be triggered by dirt and dust. We'll typically recommend cleaning the unit on a semi-regular basis, which it seems like you've done now.

Since cleaning the device, have you had any further false alarms occur?

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2 years ago

This is happening to us as well at about 7 hour intervals.  It's become very annoying in a very short time. 

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2 years ago

Hi @alexandria_c , thanks for the reply. I updated the base station software and vacuumed the smoke detector. No problems since then - seems to be back in order. 

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