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Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 1:26 PM

Keypad lights cycling

setting up new system.with 4G<. After I downloaded updates my keypad will only cycle thru Off, Home and Away.  The key pad will not respond to anything I do.  I have removed a battery and it still cycles through those three .

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1 year ago

Hi @ggcamp1 ,

So sorry to hear about this. So from what I understand, you just went through a firmware update, and now your Keypad is acting up.

If you try to access your system through the SimpliSafe app on your phone, are you still able? While on the dashboard, you can swipe down on the screen to refresh, which will check the current status of your system.

Right now, I want to determine if it's just your Keypad having trouble, or if there's more.


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5 months ago

I have the same problem, I even tried to Uninstaller the keypad but it won't allow me to reinstall. Per my app on the tablet it is only the keypad 


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Hi @Patrick08332​, 

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. You noted that the SimpliSafe app on your tablet communicates with your system, so it appears that this is just an issue with the Keypad. Have you tried removing the batteries from your Keypad and then putting them back in? This would restart your Keypad and refresh its connection to the Base Station.

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