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Wednesday, February 28th, 2024 7:47 PM

Smart lock stopped working

To preface this, I’ve had my SimpliSafe system for years and haven’t experienced this issue until today. I have a lock that’s synced with an entry sensor. And I have it on a delay to auto-lock if it’s unlocked for a set amount of time. If the door was left open for that duration, it wouldn’t actually lock until the door was closed, thanks to the entry sensor. But today it started locking, even when the door was left open. I double checked my settings to confirm that it was synced with the entry sensor. And just now, I've noticed that the lock no longer sends me notifications for when the door is locked/unlocked. I have another lock on a different door, so I even tested that one to see if this was a widespread issue. But nope, it’s just for this specific door. It’s really strange because my system can still tell when the door has been opened/closed, but the lock itself seems like it’s just stopped working. I’ve even tried trouble shooting myself to no avail, including:
  1. Re-syncing the lock with the entry sensor
  2. Removing the lock from my system. Re-adding it, then setting up all the configurations for the entry sensor, auto-lock, etc
  3. Removed both the lock and the entry sensor. Then re-adding them and configuring them like in #2 above

Any help resolving this issue would be appreciated

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2 months ago

Hi @jhaf, 

I know you mentioned removing the Smart Lock and Entry Sensor from your system and then adding them back in, but have you tried resetting the Smart Lock? You can reset the Smart Lock by following the steps listed out in this guided flow from our Help Center

If you have already tried resetting the Smart Lock, I would then want to troubleshoot the Entry Sensor its paired to. Is this door metal? We don't recommend putting either piece of the Entry Sensor directly on a metal surface, as that can cause the sensor to demagnetize and it can read incorrect opened/closed states.

If this is a metal door, we would want to place a buffer between it and the Entry Sensor. This can be anything like a thin piece of cardboard, an extra layer of adhesive, or velcro.

But if the door isn't metal, I would then try swapping this Entry Sensor with another one and syncing it to your Smart Lock to see if you continue experiencing this issue. If you don't, that original Entry Sensor may be the culprit. 

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