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Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 2:14 PM

Simplisafe smart lock install issues with security system

Got the new version of simplisafe the keypad and the base station got the 3 entry sensors setup fine and the motion sensor and key fob. I installed 2 door locks. When I go to add the devices I do not get "Lock" as an option. I tried to manually add the lock by holding the lock key and the button under the battery compartment with no luck. Did research and from what I gather it might be because I am on a out of date firmware. It seems that I am on version 1.2.16 but it might be up to 1.6 right now. I am connected to wifi I tried even another router just in case it was not connecting to it properly. I tried rebooting both the keypad and the base station no luck. Checked for updates it tells me every time its up to date. I emailed tech support they told me to call to push the update manually. Called tech support got a girl who did not really seem like she understood what was going on she pushed the update to both the base station and the keypad. She told me if the update was available I should see a gear icon. Nothing came up.

At this point I figured it might just take some time to appear so here I am 24 hours later roughly. Still no update on keypad, still unable to connect to smart lock, emailed customer support to verify newest firmware since tech support agent was unsure what it was. No response, getting pretty frustrated as I bought the security system for the purpose of using the smart locks and they are non functional at this point. I have given up on the technical support channel does anyone else have any ideas

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4 years ago

Best way i found out what works is message them through Facebook messenger and tell them your problem and they will respond tomorrow morning and will have a senior level supervisor contact you and you should be good to go.

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4 years ago

I had the same issue here, did you get yours fixed? It seems Simplisafe doesn't care about their customers posting here. Such a bummer and bad customer service.
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