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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 5:27 AM

Flash Sale - When Does It End?

Web page says ends "tomorrow" - is that Wednesday the 2nd?

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4 years ago

Hopefully it's Wednesday as I have some questions before I place my order and Customer Service isn't open right now ('now' being 10:50 PM MST on Tuesday the 4th).

IMO not the best way to communicate a promotion, at least without some fine print somewhere with more details, which I don't see.

Posting this as I expect this will get the sale prices honored 'tomorrow' regardless.

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4 years ago

By now, you've probably figured out, it ends at midnight tonite Dec 2 2020.  Always keep in mind these promotions most likely follow ET time, as SS is based in Boston MA.  While they might have a timezone allowance on their order/site pages, I'm not sure, just play it safe and consider everything ET time.
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