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Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 4:50 PM


Standalone Apple Watch app

While using the SimpliSafe mobil App on my Apple Watch Ultra:
My Apple Cellular Watch Ultra appears to be dependent on my Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, causing me to occasionally open my phone Simplisafe App to refresh the App on my watch.   This prevents me from leaving my phone at the house, making my watch unusable for the App.  I can't even use the Watch App while in the backyard if I need to occasionally refresh my phone.  Once refreshed the watch is no longer dependent on the phone for a various period of time, works great.
I just spent several minutes with Apple Care and SimpliSafe technical support.  We unpaired the watch from the phone, removed the App from both, and reinstalled the Apps on both, no luck.  If I understood the SimpliSafe tech correctly he believes the watch is dependent on the phone, causing the problems I mentioned above.   If in fact this is true I beg for a fix to be made, allowing the watch to access the SimpliSafe App independently.     
Any help would be appreciated.  
Thank you,

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8 months ago

Hi @craigharryman and @jwmeyer35076 ,

Thanks for your patience. We needed to confer with our dev team to learn more about Apple Watch functionality. The short answer is that you're right: at this time, the SimpliSafe app on Apple Watch is more of a companion app - that is, it's designed as a remote control for the full SimpliSafe app on your phone.

That means SimpliSafe on the Apple Watch isn't able to function independently. When your phone is out of range, or if the SimpliSafe app is currently not active, the Apple Watch app is not able to properly sync. 

A full standalone app on the Apple Watch would essentially be a new request. So I have converted this post, and will be forwarding to our dev team. If/when there's any progress on this request, we'll be updating this thread!

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@davey_d​   Thank you for helping Davey

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8 months ago

@craigharryman​  I have the same issue.  Watch opens and "pretends" to let me disarm, but never responds and I do not get notifications.  Walk up to the door and it is still locked (unlocking is part of the disarm).  Open the app on my phone and magically I get a notification that my system is "disarmed by remote" and it unlocks. Something is not right in the interaction between watch and phone.

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8 months ago

@jwmeyer35076​ and @craigharryman Thank you both for reporting this! Your cases have been forwarded to our engineers for further investigation. 

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@emily_s​  Emily thank you for the reply, answers and help in finding a resolution.  Buying the Apple Watch Ultra (& now the Ultra 2) decision was greatly based on the attraction of being compatible with my SimliSafe system.   Any updates on a problem resolution?   

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7 months ago

Yes! So glad this has been brought up and is 🤞 to be addressed. Hopefully soon. Just updated to watch OS10 and my camera definitely snubs the Watch now. Bummer. Look forward to standalone app update/news.

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