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Friday, July 14th, 2023 3:32 PM


Android/WearOS Smart Watch App

Why!? Just why! Why is smart watch functionality available for APPLE! of all brands 5 years ago and still not available for Android (the largest user base worldwide)??? 

Please please please add an android app. It would be amazingly efficient for arming and disarming with your hands full. 

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1 year ago

Hi @ric29 ,

Thanks for the suggestion. We have of course SUBMITTED to our dev team. I should set the expectation, however. While Android does overwhelmingly dominate in market share, the proportion of WearOS users is still fairly small. So this wouldn't be a very high priority right now.

That is, unless we hear from many more users like yourself!

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Yes,  me too! I would love a Simplisafe app for my Samsung smartwatch as tch 6. Please make one. 

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@davey_d​ it's been another year! What's the deal? 

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1 year ago

I can arm using Google devices/wear OS. Haven't tried disarming yet (I read it can't disarm)

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@arguidas​ how are you managing to do this? A third party IoT manager? Because as far as I can find there is no android wear app for simplisafe. Only apple. 

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1 month ago

Please create an app for the Android watch.

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