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Thursday, May 25th, 2023 7:21 AM


Scheduled Arming: still activating at previous time when schedule is modified


I just spotted a bug with the schedule arming which you may or not be aware of. If you change the time of arming and the time of disarming. Example.

Armed at 23:30 and disarmed at 08:00

And you changed this to the following times...

Armed at 23:00 and disarmed at 07:00 it will be armed twice and disarmed twice regardless of you changing your times. This is something you need to look into as this could just be a simple coding error simple to fix to resolve no problem but it needs addressing. I didn't know there was a bug until I changed the times of arming and disarming and it armed and disarmed twice. So I'm guessing what is happening it isn't sending the new times to the base, resulting in two sets of armed and disarmed times.

At the moment the best way around this is to delete the schedule and then create another one with the new times. 

Official Response

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1 year ago

Hi all,

This was a very quick turnaround. It turns out our dev team had already identified the issue and issued a fix, and we just needed to confirm with known cases. The issue should now be RESOLVED.


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1 year ago

Hi @hefeydd_, 

Sorry for the delay, but thank you for reporting! We've forwarded this to our dev team for further investigation. 

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1 year ago

We’re having a similar issue. We’re traveling and set the system in away mode and turned the scheduled arming off.  We use scheduled arming for putting the system in home mode at night.  But even with the schedule off, it’s still actively changing to home mode at night and then off in the morning. 

I’ve deleted the schedule and will know tonight at 10pm if it switches modes again. This morning the schedule turned the system off.  Not good. 

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