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Thursday, August 11th, 2022 10:53 PM

Sensors Disconnecting

I am having random sensors disconnect; typically the ones that disconnect are no more than 25 ft from base station and no brick or solid lead obstructions.  So far all I can do is open the door and window and then it connects again. Using the default battery in all sensors that came with unit.  Don't even get me started on cameras disconnecting and not really supporting 1080p properly or WPA2/WPA3 mixed encryption :-(

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1 year ago

Hi @Mcburn13 ,

Our sensors connect directly to the Base Station via local low-frequency radio signal, rather than WiFi. From your description, it sounds like that signal is being interrupted by a source of interference.

That could be a physical obstruction that is literally getting in the way. So you'll want to think of what's between those sensors and the Base Station, and if possible, move the units to allow for more of a direct path.

Since you mention multiple sensors having trouble, the issue might actually be with the Base Station, so I would suggest moving that. If you have the Base inside a closet, hidden on wire shelving, or on top of a fridge, for example, that could be why the signal is having trouble.

Or the interference could be caused by another wireless signal that is drowning out SimpliSafe comms. Since the sensors use a very low frequency, you're looking for simpler devices, like remote controlled garage door openers, wireless weather stations, or some older models of baby monitor. Try shutting down potentially problematic devices one by one to test them.

Hopefully that all helps. If you haven't already, I would really suggest giving our Support team a call at 800-548-9508. We can take you through troubleshooting step by step.


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@davey_d​ I moved the base station to the kitchen out in the open and the sensors I "guess" have been better but there are none of the devices you mentioned.  The camera performance is beyond horrible, I changed the video to 720p which I had to ask "wow why do you sell 1080p cameras if they cannot perform?"  Dare not ask about 4k cameras... So now I am at a resolution that was popular around the year 2000 and all cameras drop or freeze.  Again, have gigabit internet, and all simplisafe devices are on their own network that supports the insecure WPA2 that your cameras require. Pretty close to returning everything this requires too much maintenance from the end user...

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I totally agree.  This system requires too much maintenance.  Every solution is to remove the sensor from the basestation, take out the battery, reinstall it and maybe delete the app and reinstall it.  So much for being able to leave home if I am always having to disconnect and reconnect sensors manually.  ALL of my sensors disconnected the other day and I had to do that for EVERY sensor.  BTW - all this started with the new external cameras that I added (which they have had me delete and re-add numerous times).  My time is more valuable - this system does NOT offer peace of mind.

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