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Tampering Detected Error


Tampering Detected error in SimpliSafe® Mobile App

You may encounter a constant yellow light that is not accompanied by a chirp on your Smoke Detector, CO Detector, or Smoke & CO Detector, accompanied by the app error “Tampering Detected”. This is an indication that the Smoke and/or CO Detector is not fully attached to its bracket, and needs to be adjusted within its bracket to clear the error.

When placing your Smoke and/or CO Detector back into its mounting bracket, make sure to twist it fully until you hear it snap into place. The yellow light warning should stop immediately.

If you still see that yellow light, it is possible that the mounting bracket itself may be screwed into your wall or ceiling too tightly, causing the plastic to warp slightly. It may help to unmount the unit and slightly loosen the screws. Then try mounting the detector again.

Once the Smoke and/or CO Detector have been properly mounted, we recommend placing your system into Test Mode and testing your detector to ensure that it is working as intended. To place your system into Test Mode:

  1. Locate your Keypad and press the Menu button

  2. Enter your Primary PIN

  3. Scroll until Test Mode is highlighted

  4. Use the arrow keys and tap to the right to enter Test Mode

You’ll know you are in Test Mode when you see the circle on the Keypad, with the text “Test each device by pressing its button”.

Note: If you have monitoring, you will receive a robo call from the Monitoring Center asking you to confirm you have placed your system into Test Mode.

To test your Smoke and/or CO Detector, hold down the TEST button on the device for about 1 second. Please note that pressing this button will invoke a loud chirp from your detector - so be sure to protect your ears during this process. Your Base Station will also confirm the test was successful by announcing the product name. 

To exit Test Mode, pick up your Keypad and use the arrow to press the Exit option on the screen. 

If you are still seeing the yellow light on the Tamper Switch after taking these steps, please contact our support team for further assistance.