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Thursday, April 28th, 2022 6:38 PM

remove old system after upgrading

​So I just upgraded and installed a new system in my home. How do I go about removing the old system from my profile..​

​The new system shows active and in practice mode. The old system still shows up under my account but doesn't show as active. I did remove all of the sensors,keyfob and keypad but the base station and my profile for it is still visible. I don't want to be charged twice for monitoring. I just want the old system to be gone when I pull up my account.​

​I see the search function is as useless as it was when I first started with SimpliSafe.​

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11 months ago

Hi @fromphilly ,

I can imagine you wouldn't find the right answer on the Community since you've encountered a rare issue.

Normally, when upgrading, what we would do is replace the Base Station registered under your existing service with the new Base Station.

But instead, it sounds like what happened is that you created a whole new service. So of course your old one would still exist.

But no worries, here's how to hide that deactivated account:

  1. On a web browser, log into your online account here: simplisafe.com/login
  2. Navigate to Menu > Manage Account
  3. Scroll down to Protected Locations. On the right, select the checkbox for any locations you wish to hide

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11 months ago

Nice try! I would suggest you review the solution you gave me. It doesn't work!

I clicked on your link to simplisafe.com/login and nowhere does it say menu on the page. I double clicked on one of the base stations and then I saw "Manage account". If that's what it takes then that's what you should've said. It's no wonder people get frustrated. We can only read what you write. We can't read your mind.

Anyhow I scrolled down and saw "protected locations" and guess what? There are no visible boxes to check or uncheck to hide the base station I'm no longer using.

So tell me, Davey, what else do you have? Maybe someone more knowledgeable can make 2656FB base station disappear.


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@fromphilly​ Worked fine for me, except link to web address is incorrect.  The address is: https://webapp.simplisafe.com/new/#/login .  Also, just to note:  Menu on almost all webpages now is represented by the Hamburger symbol (3 long dashes set horizontally in a row as shown here).

Technically the writer was correct on steps past incorrect web link, although it was based on an assumption that you would know that is the Menu function, and apparently you did not.


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11 months ago

Yes, @fromphilly , if you have multiple properties listed, you might see the Property Management screen. I wasn't anticipating you'd see that if you only had two. But I'm glad you found the right place anyway.

So when you go to your Manage Account screen, you should see a list of your Protected Locations, with a checkbox on the far right where you can hide locations that are no longer active. However, one thing I didn't mention is that locations can only be hidden if they're inactive - i.e. if the service plan is canceled. So your old account is likely still active.

I have taken the liberty of requesting a call from a Specialist. They'll look into this for you and make sure that your old plan is canceled.

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10 months ago

I have the same problem and am getting emails from you saying that my system is not communicating.  I've tried changing my account ID which is the old system and it won't let me.

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@cwwelch​ if I have this right, you recently purchased an upgrade system, and have since taken down your old one.

Normally, the process that we recommend is that you update your old Monitoring Plan with the new Base Station's serial number - so that the Monitoring Service will start watching for events from your new system, and not the old one.

But it sounds like what happened is that you activated a whole new plan. Which means that your old Monitoring Plan is actually still active! We strongly recommend giving our Support team a call at 800-548-9508 so we can cancel that old plan for you.

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