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Friday, January 14th, 2022 12:33 PM

Base unit repeats "Alarm Off" 2 or 3 times when disarming

Normal behavior:  enter code, base unit states "alarm off."

Yesterday, base stated, "alarm off ... alarm off."

This morning, "alarm off ... alarm off ... alarm off."

OK, I get it, the alarm is OFF!  So how do I clear her repetitveness??


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2 years ago

Well, I just noticed the keypad now went blank, so I replaced the batteries.  Keeping fingers crossed.

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Hi ,


I've seen that behavior with the repeated disarm voice prompts with extreme interference. So what should be happening is that when the Base Station gets a command, it should be sending a "message received" signal to the Keypad. But somehow that signal isn't making it back, so the Keypad keeps trying to send the same command.


Interference can be caused by dense physical objects literally getting in the way of the signal - like brick walls, heavy appliances, mesh insulation, etc. The only way around that is to move either your Base Station or Keypad so that the objects are no longer in the way.

Or it could be from another wireless device that is competing for the same airspace. Since the Base and Keypad communicate in a low frequency, you're looking for simpler devices, like remote controlled garage door openers. If you can identify that device, you might want to move your SimpliSafe devices away from it, or disable it entirely.

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That sounds like a plausible answer @davey_d.  We've experienced that problem as well, but with a delay of about 10 minutes. That seems like an awfully long time for interference to be a problem.

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Just figured out that if you are using the menu on the keypad and walk away, the menu mode will time out after 20 minutes or so. At that time the base station will announce "Alarm off." 

That could explain our issue.

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2 years ago

I'd like to arm my device thru Amazon (Alexa).....but their bloodsucking policy requires a subscription ($$$) to have that basic service

All other "smart" devices you buy...just work with Amazon...and DO NOT require a subscription

Could you imagine paying a subscription for each & every HUE smart lightbulb

Somebody talk to these people & let them know this is a horrendous policy....

P.S. I have a monitoring program, just not the "Interactive" one...but I also don't have a camera, so it's unnecessary. Therefore I'm paying them monthly...but that is NOT good enough for them 

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