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Friday, May 27th, 2022 4:54 PM

Where are the deals for existing customers?

We've been SS customers for several years. 

What happened to the specials that the company would periodically offer on new equipment for existing customers?  The only specials they run are for new customers.

Coupled with the recent price increase for monitoring services, this conveys to me, anyway, that once the company has secured a customer, they're no longer valued.

And, yes, I'm aware that SS is currently running a "Customer Appreciation" contest.  It's a drawing for "3 lucky winners."  Seems more like a token response to feedback like mine than a genuine "we appreciate you!" contest.

How about a loyalty program?

How about savings on new equipment and/or equipment upgrades 2 - 3 times/year?

Or rotating "deal of the month" specials?

In all honesty, I can't recommend SimpliSafe as enthusiastically as I once did because their focus seems to have shifted.

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8 months ago

Hi @shoppingsignups ,

Traditionally, we did not really do promotions for additional equipment at all - though we have had them from time to time. But as @ronsec mentions, we do also have the Upgrade Program with huge discounts for owners of legacy systems. And of course, if you're subscribed to Interactive Monitoring, you also get the permanent 10% discount on all component purchases.

And if you've subscribed to our Newsletter (through your online account), that's the way we'll tell you if there's a new discount that might interest you. We've been doing component discounts more and more lately!

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@davey_d​ Thanks for hearing my feedback and for your reply.

I have a Gen 3 system and have personally benefited from one of the company's Black Friday sales in the past.

I subscribe to the SS newsletters and haven't seen any special offers for existing Gen3 customers in quite some time, which was the reason for my initial post.

I'm glad to hear of the discount for customers of Interactive Monitoring, but even that could use better promotion, IMO.

So I guess my request is that "powers that be" consider occasionally running one of the big promotions that you used to run, even if just once or twice a year.


Ditto this request.  Have not seen a BIG promotion in like a year.  I have decided to invest in this system for my new build house and I am patiently sitting on the sideline waiting for a promotion.  I am now considering other systems that have marketing departments proactively offering new setup and camera promos.  

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Why would you not? At least periodically. It's such a simple way to keep dedicated customers happy and spending money with you. It's pretty discouraging to constantly see huge discounts and free equipment for new customers but those of us loyally giving you money are excluded. Think how much more product you could move if you did a periodic or annual 20% sale? Or a buy a camera get one 50% off. 

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8 months ago

Where have you been? LOL   SS has been offering a 50% discount for existing customers of Gen1&2  systems to upgrade to the latest Gen3 for quite a while.  Just give them a call.  Enjoy!

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@ronsec​ I have a Gen 3 system.



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@shoppingsignups​ sensors are now on sale for black friday at 50% off.

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