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Saturday, November 12th, 2022 3:42 PM


Equipment question to get advice on buying new wall keypad. I have a base unit I never installed with the serial # 00111152. I would like to use it , the motion detectors are there but I cannot find the keypad.

What keypad may I buy that will be compatible?  

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2 years ago

If it is a version 3 base station, you can order a keypad from simplisafe.  Not sure about version 2.



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@general_kaos​ General, welcome back to the forums!!! Haven't heard from you for quite awhile!!

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Here's a fun fact: SimpliSafe Original Base Stations have 6-digit serials, and Gen 3 Base Stations have 8-digit. So we can be sure that the OP's system is definitely Gen 3.


@hurley6469, you can head over here to purchase additional components. Just click the picture that looks like your Base Station, and you can find all available components that match your system.

And of course our Sales team is able to see your account, so they can put in an order for the right parts as well.

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