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Saturday, October 9th, 2021 10:53 PM

When will Verizon 3G modem stop working?

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1 year ago

The 3G module will stop working whne Verizon drops 3G in your area.   I doubt SS will automatically send you a new module.  What I did (I also have SS2) was call them to request a new modem. They looked up my account, agreed and I had a new 5G in a few days, installation took a few minutes with no problems at all.  I find that when dealing with SS it's better to be proactive.  Call them now instead of waiting for your system to go down. Good luck.



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@ronsec, you got a 5G board? When I got my replacement it was 4G.

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1 year ago

Hi folks,

Yes, to clarify, our cell modules are currently on 4G. wpbear, we do suggest giving our Support team a call soon at 800-548-9508 and we can get you that 4G module at no cost.

- Johnny M.
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