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Tuesday, April 16th, 2024 2:30 PM

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Adjust Product Pricing to Lower Support Costs

When working for a medical device company years ago, we found that service calls, whether in person or remote, were significantly tied to customer maintenance and self support activity.  One underlying factor was whether they had certain recommended product configurations and supplies.  An experiment was undertaken that prices for those items were lowered.  Customers bought them, kept them on hand and.....lower support costs.

An example: Outdoor cameras are nice but support, I bet, is much higher on solar panels and standalone battey units. $29.99 for a power kit? Drop it on a promo to 19.99 or lower and track support calls for those accounts. Smoke detectors that were tested and designed for Panasonic batteries? Great, sell them at cost, below Amazon.  I am sure there are others. Just a thought.

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