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Friday, September 10th, 2021 10:40 PM

Using Simplisafe System with Mobile Hotspot (like Verizon Jetpack)?

Curious if anyone is using their system with a mobile hotspot providing wifi signal.

I am hoping to use my system to protect a real estate investment property where I do not have internet service established.

Any experiences here?

Thank you.

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3 years ago

Hi cofiadams,

You might want to know that the Base Station can connect with service through two different connections at the same time. If WiFi isn't available at the location, then the built-in cellular can keep the system running on its own just fine. So you don't really need that hotspot, because it'll be almost the same thing!

There are a couple of things that the cellular connection can't support. First, you'll want to connect the system to a stable WiFi to download the latest firmware update (probably best to do this at home/your office, before you install the system at the location). Also, the cell connection is taken care of as part of Monitoring Service, so you'll want at least the Standard Monitoring Plan active to use it.

Unfortunately, all of the cameras require the faster and more stable connection of WiFi. And because they need to transmit a lot of data really quickly, they are unlikely to work correctly through a hotspot.


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3 years ago

FWIW,  I was in a similar spot and had a property without internet service.

While I didn't add any cameras, I do have the rest of the system running solely on the base station cellular and have had no issues with the connection.

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1 month ago

I am using the Simplisafe app to search for wifi networks, and it doesn't seem to recognise the hotspot signal as a wifi signal.  The computer I am using to write this note is using the same  hotspot that won't show up when siplisafe base station searches for one. 

Any suggestions?


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@markkovaleski​ thanks for checking in.

My first though is that if the hotspot is on the same phone as the SimpliSafe app you're using to set up, you might run into some difficulty. So you could try using the Keypad to set up. You can find instructions here.

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