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Sunday, November 14th, 2021 9:52 PM

We moved into a house with the security system already there.

   I need some help/advice, we moved into our home and it had a simplisafe system already in the home and we changed the pin to the system. I had messaged customer service, but they said I'd need to contact the people who had it before us, I have no way of doing that because we don't know who we bought the house from and no way to contact them either. Isn't there any other way to have the security system under us so we can use the app? Is there a way to reset up the device in the house?
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@fitzgerald.sadie143  due to security considerations,  I recommend you contact SS tomorrow and ask the agent to have a manager call you back to discuss the process to having it transferred to you. In you post you didn't specificy if its an SS2 or SS3 system. My advice is that if it is a SS1 or SS2 system you opt to trash it and acquire a SS3 system.  Again, full disclosure, only my opinion but due to security, performance and features, recommend that route.

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First, congratulations on the new home!

Assuming that the previous owner had already canceled service, your system would be free to attach to a new account. So you can just create an account here: simplisafe.com/login
Or download the SimpliSafe app from your phone's app store, to get started. There will be on-screen instructions that take you through the whole process.
Once you're signed up and your system is activated, you'll be able to change any and all settings for your system.

We shouldn't have needed to call the previous owners. The only reason we'd need to do that is if the system is actually still activated under that previous owner's name, just by looking up the Base Station's serial. But even then, we'd have records of who those people are, and we should be calling them. So I'm not sure that representative was giving accurate info.

- Davey D.
Community Development Manager
SimpliSafe Home Security
Thank You!

 I appreciate all your help! I got it all connected to our own account now.
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