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Tuesday, August 1st, 2023 4:45 PM

Technical Support Requested my Safeword

I recently contacted SimpliSafe technical support (via chat) to troubleshoot a non-working sensor. The representative took me through a series of troubleshooting steps and concluded that the sensor had failed. She said that the sensor was covered under warranty and that she would send a replacement. In order to process the replacement she asked me to provide my SimpliSafe alarm Safeword through a secure form. She sent me a link to the secure form.

I felt very uncomfortable providing my Safeword in order to have a replacement sensor shipped out. It seems that my Safeword is between me and the alarm monitoring service. I have an online SimpliSafe account. I ordered my system online directly from SimpliSafe. I’ve placed several online SimpliSafe orders for additional sensors. In none of these cases was I required to provide my Safeword. 

So now I’m concerned that my Safeword has been compromised.

Is it normal practice for a SimplSafe representative to ask for the Safeword in order to process a sensor replacement?

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11 months ago

Hi @dean_33 ,

The Safe Word passcode is our primary way of determining that you have authority over your account. So it's not really just for confirming your identity during an emergency. Our Support team will also ask for it any time we need to confirm information from your account, especially if it involves making changes (for example, changing addresses, or changing system settings), or any other time when your level of security may be impacted.

Of course, we believe that privacy goes hand in hand with security.  We have safeguards in place to prevent abuse, and we adhere to strict standards of PCI compliance to ensure that your data remains safe. 

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Thank you.

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11 months ago

I am curious what the answer is to this one. I find it no longer practical to answer questions (as a customer) as someone from the company always comes with a different response presently.


(For instance, I can say I have never had to provide my Safeword in such cases, and someone from SimpliSafe will reply that it is standard practice)


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11 months ago

I am unsure how SimpliSafe routinely misses essential questions like these. Still, I would like to read an official response as I do not wish to give out my Safeword unnecessarily.

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