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Tuesday, October 31st, 2023 4:45 AM

Customer Support Reps Making Unauthorized Changes.. Locking Me Out of My Account.

I called in to voice a complaint because my car was broken into, and like many of you, my doorbell camera failed to pick up any motion. Even though my vehicle is in full view of the doorbell camera.  I called, was offered a solution that wasn’t a solution because my camera was already set up correctly - per their troubleshooting .. Completely aggravated and disappointed in their service, the call was ended and I went about my day. 

I attempted to login to my account and couldn’t .. weird.. tried to change my password.. couldn’t receive the reset emails .. weird. Went through my email and found a SimpliSafe notification that my email address was changed, meaning my user name was changed. I was still receiving activity notifications so I didn’t notice until I attempted to access my account; which prompted the email search. 

Why is a rep making unauthorized changes to my account that impact my ability to use their service. I had to call in and go through two departments to get this resolved. In an emergency where I needed to view my system or cameras, I would have been completely out of luck. 

This is completely unacceptable. 



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8 months ago

@darlingxcarla If this happened to me I would not have gotten off the phone until a full explanation was obtained, or, if none was available ask for a call back from a manager after getting the agent's employee number or first name, and noting the date and time of the call.

If you haven't already, suggest you call back and ask for this. As stated in your post, this would not be acceptable to anyone and would want an explanation.

I had this happen once where the agent was confused between my account and my daughters (my wife and I cover the monitoring expense each  year as a holiday present) and the agent, by accident, put in her email in my account. This was quickly figured out after I called back in and was fixed. Done.  I am sure this wasn't the case in your instance but an explanation is still in order.

If you do call back, please post your outcome here, if you get a chance.

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You’re right that it wasn’t that kind of error. They added a character at the end of my correct email, thus making it an invalid email address. 

The rep who fixed the issue emailed me the call ID, date and timestamp. Also said that he was submitting an investigation ticket. I received a call this morning from SimpliSafe Customer Care but it only rang twice and then no message was left.  I’m waiting for a call back. 



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@darlingxcarla Thank you for the reply. Appears SS is on it and hopefully will get back to you in a timely manner.

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8 months ago

Hi @darlingxcarla, 

Looking at your account, I do see that one of our agents did reach out. If you're still waiting on this call back, please let me know!

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