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Tuesday, April 12th, 2022 4:18 AM

System keeps re-arming itself?

​I have a Gen 3 system and it has been a pain... It has reset itself three times. When I say reset, I mean I have had to re-set up the whole thing, all of the sensors, cameras, etc. It seems like whenever there's an update this happens. Recently the system has been re-arming itself. We will set the system to "home" mode, and the past couple of nights it will announce "Welcome to Simplisafe. Simplisafe on. Home" every 10 minutes for an hour or so. This shouldn't be a connection issue, as the Wi-Fi router is maybe 30 feet away and the keypad is maybe 10 feet away. ​

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1 year ago

Hi @BlacktopRT ,

That wiping behavior is not normal at all. Did you say it happens when you install a firmware update? Those updates can only be installed when prompted by the user, so you would be present every time it happens.

Of course, the expected behavior is that the Base Station should be retaining its memory (with all sensors and settings) no matter what.

Same for the second piece - it sounds like your Base Station is spontaneously crashing and rebooting.

We really need to replace your Base Station right away. Please give us a call at 800-548-9508, and we'll get that replacement out to you ASAP.

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2 months ago

Last night at 7:01pm our system armed and immediately disarmed itself while my family and I were all seated in the living room.  We have three key fobs and none of us had them in our possession at the time.  My nephew is staying with his father this weekend, and and has access via the app on his phone.  We called him to ask him if he was messing around with the app and he said no.  Chatted with SS tech support and they suggested changing the password to the app. My first thought is maybe a software/bug issue, and this is the first time this has happened.  I’ll monitor closely and post if it happens again.



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@dchico627​ I would try rebooting the system, unplug the base station and pull one battery out for 10 seconds or so and replace all back and I would even go as far as pulling a battery out of any keypads you have and do the same thing and let it all reboot and see if that will clear anything up

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