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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020 3:41 AM

Sensor and Device MAC/IP Address Listing

Is there a simple way to get a MAC or IP address listing for all the devices and sensors in the SimpliSafe system?  I'd like to be able to identify them in my firewall and IPS.

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4 years ago

The sensors do not have MAC or IP addresses.  They are not Ethernet devices.  They communicate with the base directly using a different technology.  

As for the base station and cameras, your router/firewall keeps a list of MAC and IP addresses that have connected.  Look under "connected devices" or similar, or maybe under "MAC filtering".

Well, this was a useless answer. I've got more than a dozen devices on my router. The point of getting the device MAC address was to be able to identify the devices.

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4 years ago

Maybe SS could give you the MAC address based on the device's serial number.

Barring that, at least for the interior cameras, you'd need to check the DHCP leases in your firewall/router to find the hostnames where the ending digits of the hostname match the serial number on the camera label. Once you get the hostname identified you will then see the camera's MAC address and the IP. However, the IPs are dynamic so the IP you see today isn't necessarily what it will be at any given point in the future.

I have the older SS2 system where only the cameras are Wi-Fi, but I presume the same/similar process described above would facilitate identifying the MAC address of the SS3 base and whatever else might be Wi-Fi about it.

The sensors such as the entry sensors and motion sensors don't have IPs or MAC addresses in that same sense. They communicate directly with the base by their own protocol.

Follow this link to a picture of what it looks like on my firewall. Note I've X-ed out the specific MACs and changed the hostnames to protect the guilty, but I think you should get the drift of what I said. The last several digits of the hostname (shown in red) on your router should match what you see for serial numbers on your cameras.


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4 years ago

Hi all,

simplistuckon is correct in that only the Base Station and the cameras have MAC addresses. Regarding how to get the MAC addresses for your SimpliSafe devices, you can find the MAC address for your All-New SimpliSafe Base Station through the menu in the Keypad. In the menu select System Settings -> Scroll down to Diagnostics and select that -> Scroll over to WiFi and you should see the Base Station's MAC address listed on that screen.

For both the SimpliCam and the Video Doorbell Pro you can actually find the MAC address by scanning the QR code on the back of the camera. The default camera app on your smart phone should be able to read that and give you some general information about the camera. This includes the Model Number, the Serial Number, and the MAC address with the MAC address being the 5th field having 12 hexadecimal characters.

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4 years ago

SS Social Team...

The MAC addresses returned by scanning the QR codes on my two cameras do not match the MAC addresses shown in the firewall DHCP information.

I've spot checked several other devices on my network. The MAC on the checked devices matches the MAC reported in the DHCP information, except the two SS cameras don't match. The camera serial numbers match but not the MAC addresses.

That be a problem if someone was trying to set up network access using MAC address filtering.

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I had a similar problem.  I called support and asked for the MAC addresses of my outdoor cameras because my network is setup using MAC address filtering.  The MAC's they gave me were incorrect.  I resolved the problem by turning off MAC filtering and allowing the cameras to connect.   I could then look at the MAC addresses that connected to the network and add them to the MAC address whitelist of my router.  Interestingly, for my cameras at least, the last 6 digits of the correct MAC addresses matched the last 6 digits of the camera serial numbers.

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@Saddleworn​ so sorry for the trouble! I'm not sure if it's the same issue that @whoaru99 ran into with our Support team, but we recently identified an issue with how MAC Addresses are shown on our end. We're already taking steps to resolve.

In the meantime, yes. That's a possible workaround - temporarily disabling the filter, adding the device, and adding the MAC Address to the filter once it's listed.

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7 months ago

Very annoying I can't easily find the MAC addresses. I see several devices on my network but not sure what's what and not sure if my network is compromised. I was hoping to give devices "friendly names" like "Living room camera" on my network. It's 2023. Why is this so difficult?

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1 month ago

The SimpliSafe app shows the MAC addresses for cameras and Base station.

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