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Monday, December 20th, 2021 1:01 PM

“Keypad Not Responding”

We’ve had the system about 8 months. Never moved the keypad. Never had a problem with the keypad before. This is the first time we’ve had the system armed for more than just a few hours. We’re away for most of this week,  so the system is in “away” mode. 

I checked the phone app this morning and saw the notification that my keypad is not responding. 

Do I need to do anything to the system remotely, to make sure it’s still working?

Or can this wait till we get back home?

Is it just coincidence that the problem occurred the first time we’re away, or might the radio at home be interfering or else in “away” mode dues the keypad communicate more often with the base and draw down the batteries?

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2 years ago

Hi jonny_gogo,

One possible culprit might be interference getting in the way of communication between the Base Station and the Keypad.

But you did mention that you're over the 8 month mark, which is about the battery life of the batteries in your Keypad. Have you already changed out those batteries since? The first bit of good news is that those are just AA alkalines, so you might already have spares at home.

The other good news is that the Keypad isn't essential to the function of the system. So long as your Base Station is online, the alarm will still function. And as long as you're able to access your account with your app, you can disarm when you get home!

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2 years ago

Ok. So the plot thickens.

in the area with the keypad, we have a door to the garage and another door to the outside. So that’s two entry sensors and the keypad. Last night the keypad stopped communicating with the base.

About 5 hours ago I got an email alert saying the sensor to the exterior door has ALSO stopped communicating with the base station. 

so it’s unlikely this is a battery issue with the keypad and sensor. 

I’ve had the same setup for 8 months with no problems. 

This is the first time we’ve been away for more than a few hours. It’s also the first time we’ve been away with an FM radio playing. 

is he radio interfering with the Simplisfae signal 

or is the fact that we are not opening and closing the side door causing it to lose contact with the base station?

simplisafe seems to be failing the first time we actually need it, ie while away on vacation. :/

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2 years ago

I guess replacing the batteries when I get home will prove whether or not that is the problem. 

There are a couple other salient points. One, the door whose entry sensor has ceased contact with the base station is the same sensor that frequently had been reported as “open” even after the door was closed. The base station’s failure to recognize this door had been closed seemed to only occur when we were opening and closing that door frequently and quickly (children). And this problem only I order with one of the two doors in the immediate area. The other door’s sensor never had a problem.   

Also, I have our base station hidden immediately behind the TV. Other than this one entry sensor and the recent problem with the keypad, this placement never caused problems, even during sensor tests. I might, however, move it considering the recent failures. 

I wonder if the system shouldn’t have a higher threshold before reporting a sensor is in a good position to communicate with the base station. If my failed sensor and keypad are not in good positions, it would be good to know that immediately, during initial setup. 

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2 years ago

Alrighty, got back to the house. 

first, I was easily able to turn off the alarm using my key fob. When I did so, the bad station announced that some components were disabled (ie the keypad and the side door entry sensor). 

I waved my hand in front of the keypad, it lit up as expected and it displayed a message saying that it was not connected to the base station and that I should “press any key” to make it connect. I pressed a button and, voila, the keypad became connected to the base station as did the side door entry sensor. 

So. What’s up with that?  What happened?

why did the keypad lose its connection to the base station at the same time one of two  nearby entry sensors lost connection?

why didn’t the other nearby entry sensor also lose its connection?

Why did pressing a single button on the keypad also restore the connection between the base station and entry sensor?

If all it takes is for the human to “press any button” to restore contact with the base station, ummm, can’t the keypad attempt to restore contact with the base station itself WITHOUT human input?  It’s not like I needed to enter my pin when I made the keypad try to recontact the base station, why not automate the process?

Why did this happen the first time we had the system set to “away” for more than just a couple hours?

1 month ago

I'm having similar problems. Did anyone figure this out?

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@edwardszachary​ This "Not Responding" error could be due to two things - a low battery in the Keypad or interference getting in the way between the Keypad and Base Station. 

Have you already tried replacing the batteries in your Keypad with 4 new AA alkaline batteries? If you have not, I would recommend trying that first to see if low batteries were the culprit.

But if replacing the batteries doesn't help, we would then want to troubleshoot for interference between the Keypad and Base Station. Interference can come from wireless and physical sources.

Wireless interference is caused by other wireless devices that are competing with the Base Station's signal. Simpler devices can cause this: like remote garage door openers, wireless weather stations, and some baby monitors. I would take a look around where your Keypad and Base Station are located and see if there are any wireless devices around them. If there are, moving the Base Station and/or Keypad to a different location away from the device can help.

If there are no wireless devices around, we would also want to consider physical interference. This is caused by physical obstructions getting in the way between the Keypad and Base Station, like thick walls or heavy appliances. In that case, try moving the Keypad closer to the Base Station to minimize the amount of physical interference between the two.

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