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Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 9:18 PM

Reporting via cellular while Wifi is out



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1 year ago

If Simplisafe is in away mode and all communication is severed does it ultimately log and report all the activity it would have when communication is restored?

What exactly do you mean by this question? Do you mean all communication as in the Wi-Fi AND the cellular back up are completely off line? Or just the WI-Fi is off-line?

Is motion detection supposed to function and report on these with no wifi via bluetooth like the other sensors?

The cameras use Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi only to stream video. If there's no Wi-Fi there's no video. The sensors communicate via radio and radio only (they don't use Wi-Fi or bluetooth) so even if Wi-Fi is down your sensors can still talk to your base station. (Which seems to be the case based on your opening paragraph.)

Are camera recordings logged locally when out of wifi communication for later transmission is restored?

Nope. As soon as Wi-Fi drops you lose the ability view live video or record video.

In other words did the Wifi Disconnected message I receive indicate that internet is out or the entire router disappeared?

That error message by itself could mean a number of things that include but are not limited to:

1) Your internet is down at the modem level
2) Your router is down (but your modem is still up)
3) The 2.4 band specifically on your router is down (but 5Ghz may be up which SimpliSafe doesn't use and has no visibility to)
4) The SimpliSafe base station experienced an issue and is the only device affected

However, since your cameras are still up and accessible it seems most likely that #4 above is what has happened. SimpliSafe cameras don't send their network traffic through the base station and some of the cameras, like the SimpliCam, don't even need a base station to work at all.
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