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Saturday, September 2nd, 2023 3:47 PM


Notify if WiFi is disconnected

We recently couldn’t figure out why our doorbell chime stopped working on our base station. It turned out that the WiFi wasn’t connected (even though it looked like it was!) once I put in the password again, the chime started to work. It would be nice if I’d received a notification that the WiFi needed to be reconnected. Instead, I stranded people at the door and spent a while troubleshooting. 

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10 months ago

Whether you pay for monitoring or not, the following is true when your base station loses Wi-Fi connectivity:

- Your mobile app will no longer function because it cannot communicate with your base station.

- Your mobile app will no longer receive in app alerts / push notifications because your base station can't communicate with it

- (I think but I am not sure) Your base station will make an announcement that WiFi is down

- (I think but I am not sure) Your keypad will show an error that Wi-Fi is unavailable

If you do pay for monitoring, in addition to the above being true (well, maybe not the last two but I'm sure someone from SS will be along shortly to correct or confirm) the following will be true:

- You will receive a text message to your phone that your system has lost WiFi connectivity

Does that make sense? Without your base station being connected via WiFi, your app won't ever get alerts. (Or work at all). You may receive a text alert that the base station has lost WiFi connectivity but only if you pay for monitoring. 

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10 months ago

@Leilaj As Worthing mentioned, if your Base Station gets disconnected from your Wi-Fi network you should see a notification on your Keypad. There should also be a notification on your timeline in the SimpliSafe mobile app that Wi-Fi has been disconnected. 

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