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Monday, November 2nd, 2020 12:26 AM

Outdoor motion sensor

Does anyone know if the motion sensor on the new SimpliSafe can be used outdoors?

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3 years ago

Not reliably.  First of all, it is not rated for outdoors use, so may be disabled or damaged by the outdoor environment (moisture, temperature extremes).  Even if not, it is a "change in heat"  sensor, which is likely to be confused by the constantly changing outdoors temperatures as opposed to the "constant temperature" it is designed for.

10 months ago

Yes. They work outside. However,  you may need the wifi booster for better signal.




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@commonsensezon​ the sensors itself do not run on wifi they run on there own signal and communicate to the base station, wifi extender or booster will do nothing for that. The only thing that runs on wifi is the base station for primary signal to communicate to the monitoring company and any cameras. 

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