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Tuesday, July 28th, 2020 2:41 AM

keypad not working consistently

As of this weekend, my keypad has stopped working consistently (i.e. I enter my PIN and nothing happens).  I am still able to lock the door, but it will not open.  Is there a troubleshooting guide for this product?

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This definitely sounds like wireless interference that is getting in the way of the signal. This can be caused by physical objects getting in the way, like heavy appliances or dense walls - so if your Keypad is in a garage and has to send a signal through a concrete wall, it could have trouble.
Or there might be another wireless signal competing for the same airspace. Since the Keypad uses a lower frequency to talk to the Base Station, you're looking for simpler devices like wireless thermometers or remote controlled garage door openers. These devices might delay or even prevent the signal from going through.

Of course we do suggest that you give our Support team a call at 888-910-1458. We can troubleshoot and get your system back to 100%.

Johnny M.
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