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Thursday, January 16th, 2020 1:22 PM

keypad battery life

I have just put my second set of 4 AA batteries in my new keypad. The system has been in use for 2 months and the keypad is in a room adjacent to the control module. It gets used roughly 2X a day. There are no error messages when the batteries were replaced. Any ideas? Thanks.



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5 years ago

@jlk3 Call SS and get the keypad replaced. They should last a minimum of 7-8 months, if not a year.

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5 years ago

I don't think I get a year out of mine, but much more than the month jkl3 is getting.  The main keypad (used 3-4 times a day) goes several months.  Maybe 6?  I don't really pay that much attention.  The other 2 keypads that rarely get used at all might last a year.  But when one shows low I replace them all and call it good for a while.  The sensors on the other hand probably could have gone 2 years on most of them, but I recently replaced them around the 1.5 year mark iirc.

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5 years ago

I just kept track of the battery life on my last change and it was just over 2 months. I've had the system for a couple years. The circumstances are similar to the OP with regard to location and usage. I always replace them as soon as the "low battery" message is displayed.

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4 years ago

Has anyone had the problem of getting the "low battery" warning on the keypad overnight? I've never had any problems with my Simplisafe system, but since "upgrading" to a new base station earlier this month (I didn't ask for it...Simplisafe just sent it to me...and there were lots of problems getting it set up), every night that I turn the system on to "home", the next morning, when disarming the system, the keypad tells me "low battery". I've tried 5 different sets of 4 AA rechargeable batteries (charging them all up first) over 5 nights, and keep getting the same message the next morning. If I DON'T turn the alarm to "home", then the batteries seem to last longer (which makes having a security system pointless). I've NEVER had rechargeable batteries last just one night...I think typically, I only get the low battery warning (and recharge the batteries) maybe twice a year? Has anyone had this problem, and if so, do you have any suggestions of how to resolve it?

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4 years ago

If you are having this problem with the SS3 keypad, you might be experiencing the "ghost activation" problem.  Turn the "power save" mode on for the keypad and see if your battery life is more reasonable.  Also, I'd try a set of regular Alkaline batteries to see if it is a rechargeable battery issue (they have a lower voltage than regular batteries, and voltage is usually used to determine "low")

Once you know exactly what is going on, you can call SS to see if replacing the keypad will help.

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4 years ago

The first one I had (V2)  lasted a month between battery replacements. I called support and got a new keypad and it went up to around a year or so.

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4 years ago

My batteries have needed to be replaced every month for the last year...I've gotten 2 replacement keypads, moved the keypad to different walls, put foil on the back of the keypad, etc etc. Ridiculous. I read another post about keypad laying flat vs being mounted on wall and that solved the user's problem. I'm doing a test of that now...takes a month to see if anything solves the problem. (this is v2)
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