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Friday, November 26th, 2021 3:50 PM

How can I confirm that the cellular backup connection works?



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1 year ago

@thomas_12282724... go to keypad or your dashboard at the SS site and delete your wifi credentials.  Put your system in test.  You should get a notificiation and see in the time line test signal received.  Don't forget to reconnect to your wifi.

If you want the full test, again, disconnect your wifi credentials (or just shut down your router) arm your system to home and open any sensor that is set to instant trigger.  COPS monitoring should call you. Be prepared to have your safe word ready.

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2 months ago

With a self-monitoring plan, if the WiFi and power fail, and then a smoke alarm activates, will the base station send texts and email messages to the configured alert phone numbers and email addresses? 

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@dmwolf​ if I'm correct with self monitoring you will get all the alerts but you just don't get a call from simplisafe or there monitoring center and you will be on your own with calling anyone but if I'm not correct I'm sure a wonderful simplisafe admin will correct me, hey have made mistakes here and there lol

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25 days ago

How can I evidence cellular connection of my SimpliSafe to provide to an insurance carrier for signal continuity discount?

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@adamfrank​, the Service Plans article in our Help Center, as well as as presenting your insurance company with a Monitoring Certificate, will provide proof of your system's cellular backup. 

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