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Tuesday, April 9th, 2024 5:16 PM

Half my system suddenly stopped working

I’ve had this system for 3 years without any problems.  Then, three days ago, half the sensors in my house stopped connecting to the base.  My system is armed and I can open most doors and windows without setting off the alarm. 

At first, one door sensor stopped chiming when I opened it.  Shortly after, I received a “wireless interference” alert.  I called support and after an hour of troubleshooting they fixed that problem but then none of my system worked.  The representative then hung up on me. 

The second representative had no answers and tried sending me a new keypad, which made no sense because both keypads were working just that morning.  Instead of wasting more time there, I called support again. 

The third representative troubleshot with me for some time.  Eventually, the sensors worked only when I moved the base station within 2-3 feet of them.  Then, the sensors across the room that were working no longer connected to the base. She was out of options and said she elevated this to engineering and that I’d hear back in 3-5 days. 

Our neighbor downstairs is having the same issue.  She hasn’t had a full workday off to deal with this.  Neither of us have introduced any new wireless hardware to our homes.  All our other connected devices are working fine. 

It’s been 3 days that half my security system has been essentially useless. I don’t have much confidence this is going to reach a satisfactory conclusion.  I’ve spent several hours now trying to fix this and my system still isn’t working. If I never hear back from engineering with a solution, I’m out several hundred dollars in what would be worthless security hardware. Then I’d need to spend even more money and time I don’t have removing SimpliSafe and installing a new system. 

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2 months ago

Hi @Richard724, 

Have you received an error message for these sensors, like Offline or Not Responding? You would see this in the SimpliSafe mobile app or on your Keypad. It sounds like these sensors may have gone offline, meaning that they have failed to check in with the Base Station recently.

The first thing we would want to check is that these sensors are powered properly. You mention that you have had your system for 3 years, so it may be time to replace these sensors' batteries, especially if they are used often. I would recommend just swapping out the battery in one of your sensors first to see if that brings it back online. 

A more likely case for this could be interference between your sensors and the Base Station. If you have not introduced any new wireless devices into your home that could hinder the communication between the Base Station and sensors, where did you move the Base Station to when working with our Support team? If it was tucked away in a closet, placed on a wire shelf, or put somewhere near other electronic devices, that could be causing this communication issue.

We recommend putting the Base Station in an open space, and elevating it at least 3 feet off the ground on a non-dense surface like glass or wood. If the Base Station is on a denser surface that could cause a communication problem between the Base Station and sensors as well.

I have also escalated your case to our Specialist team for additional assistance. A senior agent will reach out to you ASAP, so please keep an ear out for their call.

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2 months ago

Hi Emily, 

Nearly half my sensors abruptly stopped communicating with the base station at the same time. They’re all “offline” in the app. They still blink when they’re opened, so it’s not a power issue. 

The base station is in an open area, just where it’s been for the past three years. During troubleshooting, I moved it 3 feet from some of the non functioning sensors and they finally picked up, but then I lost the most of my other sensors. 

Thank you for escalating. Hopefully they call soon since I’ve been without service now for days. 

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2 months ago

My story of problems with SimplySafe security system.  Installed system1 in my home 3 years ago.  It worked reliably for several months.  Then sensors began not connunicating with the Base station at random.  Some would come beck on-line, others I would have to remove and reinstall.  Called support a total of 7 times.  The base-sensor signal strangth was HIGH on every device.  SimplySafe nas an electrical RF interference algorhithm built in and I received no interferance notice.  I have some disability so am not able to constantly remove and add devices.  Sometime when a device is off-line, I can open the window and it comes back on line, sometime not.  I ask for level 2 support, hung up on.  I am giving up.  I have ordered a Vivent system.  Vivent uses Z-wave technology (proprietary protocol) for device connectivity.  Lower power requirement, more resistant to RF interfarance.  Hopefully it will be more reliable.  I have a second SimplySafe system in my barn/shop.  No problems with that unit.  However system1 had 45 device and system2 only 8 devices.  My conclusion is that Simplysafe is not technologically engineered for a robust system.  The documentation states that each base supports up to 100 devices.  Disappointed in SimplySafe.  I had Lifeshield prior but that sold to AT&T, then ADT and became a legacy system (junk).

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@ebruns66​ If a multitude of your sensors show an "Offline" or "Not Responding" error message, this typically indicates that there is an issue with the placement of the Base Station. 

The Base Station should be put in a central location in your home and in an open space, as putting it in a closet, cupboard, or on a metal shelf can impact its communication with your devices. The Base Station should also be elevated at least 3 feet off the ground, on a wood or glass surface.

We also want to make sure that the Base Station is at least 3-5 feet away from other electronic devices that emit a wireless signal, like televisions, routers, or large Wi-Fi-enabled appliances. For more information on finding the best place to put your Base Station, I recommend checking out this article in our Help Center.

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