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Friday, November 24th, 2023 5:13 PM

Connecting Base Station to Starlink

While trying to set up my new simplisafe SS with starlink I keep getting this message 

“you base station has lost connection with our servers. Please reconnect again”

I have been trying to reconnect multiple times, with the same outcome and same message back. Any advice , thank you in advance 

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7 months ago

Hi @juliogalindo543 ,

Starlink uses satellite technology, which in some areas may have a lot of latency. Perhaps that's the issue here, and we might not have a solution other than to set up Monitoring Service (which would activate the built-in cellular link - so your Base Station could use that instead).

But I'm assuming that you're getting that warning message on the SimpliSafe app. Have you tried connecting the system through the Keypad instead? You can access the WiFI menu under: Menu > [type in your PIN] > System Settings > WiFi.

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