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Sunday, August 16th, 2020 3:27 PM

Changing batteries in base station

Is there a manual, with photos or step by step instructions, showing how to replace the battery in the base station? I had a power outage and the base station ran on the backup battery, and it's now telling me the battery is low and needs to be replaced, but I can't see how to do that. Please don't ask me to contact customer support, they never answer the answer the phone. The base station model is SSBS3.

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2 years ago


Your SimpliSafe Base Station is fitted with NiMH rechargeable batteries, which are constantly recharging as long as the Base Station is plugged in.

If you are seeing a "Power Outage" warning, you'll want to check if there is power at your location, and that the Base Station is properly connected to AC (for example, check that it hasn't been unplugged accidentally!).

But if you ever need to replace your Base Station's batteries, you can find a step-by-step guide here.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you use NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) batteries only for your Base Station. Installing alkaline batteries may cause damage to your system.

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I learned this week that a base station that SimpliSafe sent me over a year ago contained regular Yellow Amazon double AA batteries.  I only found out because we were getting an error message that the batteries in the base station were not charging.  I didn't know the base station even had batteries.

When I called a service representative, he had me remove the power cord and remove the screw to get at the batteries. I then discovered they were NOT rechargeable NiMH batteries, but just regular old double AAs. When I read on this board that those can damage the base station or even cause a fire I became very upset. I bought these devices from SimpliSafe to improve the security of my family. Instead, due to SimpliSafe's negligence, I put them at greater risk.

The CSR told me they are sending out the correct batteries and my base station has not been damaged.  I hope that is the case, but at this point I have a serious problem trusting SimpliSafe due to their prior negligence.  I think they should have replaced the base station with a new one, but apparently their priority is COST over SECURITY.  I may have to go with a different security company.  It's really too bad because I bought the system based on all the positive reviews.  

I hope SimpliSafe Management takes my concerns to heart. I would not want their actions to put other customers at risk!

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Had the same experience, bought my base maybe 4 years ago and assumed it was charged on a NiMH battery pack.  Turns out I got an error and the batteries in the compartment had burst because someone put in standard Duracell alkaline ones at the factory.  Surprised it took so long to cause a problem.

Replaced with rechargeable ones from Amazon, they seem to work fine.  Had some pretty bad corrosion I had to scrub off with lemon juice.


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@normanbriggs​ so sorry about that error! That warning was recently added to your system through Firmware 2.10, to catch problems just like this.

If anyone else encounters a problem like this, please contact our Support team here. We can replace those batteries with actual NiMH rechargeables at no cost!

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4 years ago

It's actually pretty simple.

You have to remove the power cord which will reveal a single screw on the base station. Unscrew that and the bottom of the base station will turn freely and unlock. You should see 4AA batteries.



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4 years ago

Unplug the cord from the power supply.   You should see a screw.  Unscrew it and remove the bottom.  The batteries should be revealed.  They are RECHARGEABLE and must be replaced with RECHARGEABLE ones.  Otherwise you risk damaging the base or even causing a fire if you put in regular batteries.  

Note, being RECHARGEABLE, there is a good chance that if you just keep the power on for several hours, they will be recharged.

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Inside the bottom of the base station are QTY (4) AA nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries (abbreviated NiMH or Ni-MH).
If replacing these batteries, the replacements must also be NiMH rechargeable batteries.
Do not use Alkaline or any other non-NiMH batteries.
The batteries supplied from SimpliSafe are rated at 1000mAh capacity (very low).
I replaced the 1000mAh batteries with high capacity NiMH batteries that are rated at 2400mAh (Amazon)
If we are away, these high capacity batteries will provide much longer operation of the base station in the event of a power failure.

Remove the power plug from the bottom of the base station.
Removing the plug will expose one screw, remove the screw.
Rotate the base CCW a bit and the base will pull off.
Remove the batteries and replace them while paying attention to the (-) and (+) orientation.
Reassemble the base station and plug the power plug back in.
When disposing of NiMH batteries, they should be recycled.
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