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Wednesday, December 14th, 2022 2:31 PM

Simplisafe, what's the status on your new Monitoring Center?

News stories on the internet from local media talk about the monitoring center built in the southeast.  We have all seen the commercials with the center that looks like a set from  Star Trek Discovery with highly trained staff dispatching security, fire and medical services but in the community: crickets. Not everyone subscribes to the deluxe PRNews releases, how about something in the announcment area for all customers to read and be informed?

Here 's a good rule for customer oriented companies to follow: If it's important enough to post in busienss channels, its important enough to mainstream with your customers. Free feedback to Marcom.

BTW, if I missed it here on the site, let me know so I can extend my apologies for missing it.

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1 year ago

Hi Captain, 

We are very proud of the new state-of-the-art Monitoring Center that we're building! It’s important to keep in mind that regardless of where our professional monitoring operators are calling from, they will be held to the same high standards of performance, high level quality and best-in-class emergency response that our customers expect. Our top priority is, and has always been, the safety of our customers.

But the launch of our new Monitoring Center is helping us innovate an arsenal of professional monitoring enhancements that will bring new tangible features and benefits for our customers — all with the goal of faster response and, ultimately, even better protection.

For instance, last November, we introduced our Fast Protect Technology, which is also prominently featured in our TV commercials. Fast Protect Technology is an advanced platform that is constantly evolving to keep your homes safe and secure, and includes new features like Alarm Texts (in addition to monitoring calls) to manage alarms, as well as critical alarm notifications that allows customers to get notifications on their phones even if it's muted or on Do Not Disturb.

We will have some more exciting developments in the professional monitoring space that are in the works. Keeping our customers informed is a big part of our efforts in this Community, and we are committed to sharing these updates with you as we have them in the new calendar year!




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@davey_d​ Thank you for the update. It will be interesting to read about your implementation plan and other detials as you begin to activate your new monitoring center!

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