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Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 10:00 AM

Indoor Camera not Recording

My indoor camera is not recording video or sending alerts.

The indoor camera is registered to the system. I can live view through the camera and I do have a plan.

I have 3 outdoor cameras that all record to the cloud and send alerts.

When the system is armed and I walk by the indoor camera it does detect me because the light starts flashing, but it has never stored a video or sent an alert. I have been through the settings and everything looks OK. Anybody can help me?

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5 months ago

Hi @michaelbdana, 

What is your Privacy Shutter set to? When enabled, the Privacy Shutter closes to physically cover the SimpliCam's lens; and when closed, the camera will not record. You can check your Privacy Shutter's settings in the mobile app by navigating to Cameras on the bottom of the screen > tap the gear icon on the top right corner > select your SimpliCam > under Camera Behavior, look at Off, Home, and Away modes to see the status of the Privacy Shutter. 

If the Privacy Shutter is set to ON, I would turn it off to enable your SimpliCam to record in the mode of your choice. If the Privacy Shutter is set to OFF, I would toggle the settings to ensure that it does open. Be sure to hit Save on the top right corner once you're done!

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