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Sunday, February 17th, 2019 7:18 PM

Green light on simplicam

While at home this week my wife heard our Simplicam make a clicking sound (shutter opening?) and a green light appeared on the camera.  When reviewing what various color lights mean on the simplicam help page, there is no mention of a green light.  So what does the green light mean?



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4 years ago

@rbald, try the link below.  You can search the forums by using a Google site or advanced search. For the site search, use

site: simplisafe.com/forum simplicam green light

or use any term you want to search on.


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4 years ago


So, there is no green light on the Simplicam.



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1 year ago

My camera did the same thing….. a green flashing light.  Have I been hacked?

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@tshearer206​ as a previous user notes, there is no green indicator. But it could be yellow. A flashing yellow means that your camera is having trouble reaching our Monitoring Service. Please refer to our Help Center for info on troubleshooting.

Or it could be a flashing blue, meaning that your camera is currently sending data to the service (e.g. if someone is on the app and is streaming).

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I’m installing the doorbell. I also have a green light for 5-7 seconds then it turns off. I’ve replaced it twice (3 cameras). 

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8 months ago

I figured this out. The doorbell needs to be reset. Before attaching the doorbell to your mount, bring your doorbell unit inside and connect it to a USB charger. There is a charger outlet on the back of the doorbell. When plugged in the doorbell will light up  There is a small reset button right on top of where you plug in the charger cord. Hold the button down until the doorbell resets and you will hear a voice say ready for set up and it will start blinking white. 

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@Jmwatson ​ I would not recommend powering the device via the USB port. It is for servicing only, and isn't intended for charging. It does, however, allow you to power on the device temporarily to check that it's operational.

Regarding the original post, they could have been seeing a yellow light, which might appear to some as a bit green-ish. That means the unit is having trouble reaching the Monitoring Service through your home's WiFi (though it is still connected to the WiFi router itself). 

To be clear, resetting the device might actually help with that. But you don't need to plug the camera into USB. There should be enough internal battery power to reset just by pressing the button.


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Where is the Rest Set Button, do you have a picture and do I need to disconnect it to reach this button?

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I guess I'm having the same problem  The base is wired.  When I place the camera part on the base, the door bell chimes and the light around the door bell button is GREEN.  The green button goes off and comes on every 30 seconds then goes off again.  That's all I can get the doorbell to do.  There's no white flashing light or any other light besides the green.  When I press the door bell button, nothing happens.  (The only time the doorbell chimes is when I first connect the camera part to the base). I have pressed the reset buttons, with no luck.  There's no beep or voice when I do the reset.  If I plug a USB charger plug into the back, nothing happens.   When I use the app to set it up, I get to the part where it asks if there's a fast flashing white light.  Since there's no white flashing light, that's as far as I can get.    I called Simplisafe and the tech was clueless..  Any help would be appreciated!!  The door bell works fine if I take the simplisafe door bell camera off and re-install the old school door bell push button.

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