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Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 2:30 PM

Customer Service Week

Yes, I am a bit late but do want to recognize the Simplisafe Customer Service/Support Team at this time.  For over the past 9+ years they have been there when I have needed them, and unfortunately, seems they were most of the time facing the "understaffed, overwhelmed" mode.  It appears of late Simplisafe has put in a proactive management team and dedicated signficantly more resources (HR, technology, $$) to get the team what it needs (more resources) and move the ship around.  To all those reps, supervisors, mangement and everyone inbetween, thank you for keeping our families and property safe.

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1 year ago

Captain, I want you to know that I shared your kind words with our CS team over our internal comms. It was much appreciated!

Worthing, I really don't mind when you push. My goal is to have a whole Community on here with users like yourself and the Captain - passionate folks who want more out of their security system. And my job is do what I can to support you!

- Davey D.
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1 year ago

Yes, thank you Johnny M / Davey D for putting up with my pointed commentary and requests. I genuinely appreciate it and please don't think because I can sometimes be pushy or tough doesn't mean I don't appreciate it!

Also, be honest, was "Johnny M" a Johnny Mnemonic reference or what? :P
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