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Sunday, August 8th, 2021 6:10 PM

Customer Service Hold Check

Just back from vacation and saw the usual posts about abysmal hold times to reach a support agent. I am very happy to report a test call into support, prompts 3.3  for general sensor assistance, compliments of Google Assistant "hold for me" was 16 minutes. Yes, not optimal, but not the reported hour+ here in the forums. And on a Sunday afternoon!  The agent was very polite and laughed when I told her the reason for my call. And don't worry, from her greeting to me saying have a great day was about 25 seconds.

Here's to SS for efforts to get things back on track, from Sr mgt to especially those on the front line.  It is appreciated.  Now, please, never ever let things go back to the "old ways". Old saying in successful support organizations: Eliminate, Automate, Innovate.  Keep it coming SS.

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2 years ago

Hi Captain,

I'm loving the empirical approach. Yep, our Support team has been busy with various initiatives to get these queues under control. I'm ecstatic that we're seeing the payoff. More improvements to come, I'm sure!

- Johnny M.
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