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Friday, February 4th, 2022 4:19 PM


2022 Wish List

​Here is my wish list for 2022.​

​Alarm Smoke and CO Listener ​
​Alarm Range Extender(not WiFi)​
​Retrofit Alarm Kit ​
​Universal sensor, have screw terminals, switch to set mode(entry, smoke, panic)​



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1 year ago

Alarm Smoke and CO Listener 

Agree, agree, agree! I know SimpliSafe wants to sell us their hardware but literally everyone has smoke/fire and CO  detectors because they're mandated by law. It'd be nice if the cameras could listen for the T3/T4 tones and sound an alarm like other cameras do. (Including at least one camera that costs $36...)

While we're at it, SImpliSafe please sell us Smoke/Fire and CO detectors that are LINKED (one goes off, they all go off) and give us combo units that do both!

Alarm Range Extender(not WiFi)

Agree, agree, agree again! I don't need it personally but this gets asked for a lot. Just let us put in multiple base stations if we need to. And also add a damn ethernet port to the base station because it should be there along with Wi-Fi.

Retrofit Alarm Kit

I don't know what this means? You can install a SimpliSafe Smoke or CO detector in an existing 4.x" mount that's used for other detectors, lights, etc. If that's not what you meant, please give more details!

Universal sensor, have screw terminals, switch to set mode(entry, smoke, panic)

Oh, I hadn't thought of this but I like this idea. A universal base/mount to go wherever and then all of the sensors (for the ones that make sense) can connect. Great idea.

While you're at it, SS, please get busy with combo units as an option in addition to the existing single purpose sensors. Just combine:

Smoke and CO (and add Fire to it as well, please)

Temperature and Humidity (and maybe Water while we're at it?)

GlassBreak and Motion

Etc. etc.

1 year ago

Yes.  Retrofit Alarm Kit - my house is full of great security hardware from some horrible old contract that I can't use without signing another horrible contract.  An SS interface for pre-existing hardwired sensors would be a game changer...

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