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Thursday, February 7th, 2019 10:06 PM

Xfinity xFI Router

Just had Xfinity install a new xFI router in order to up our speeds.  Anyone know the easiest way to reset the cameras and door bells so that i can hook them to the new wifi network?

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5 years ago


The easiest way is to go to your camera page on your app and hit the "gear icon", then select the camera you wish to update the wifi settings on and then go from there.

If the camera is flashing red, then it should also be flashing white every once in a while, which will indicate that it's looking for a QR code to update WIFI information.


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2 years ago

Hi folks,

In order to switch your camera to a different WiFi network, you just need to reset. You can do that on the app by navigating to Menu > My System > Camera Settings > [Your Camera], then scroll down to WiFi Network. Folow the on-screen instructions from there.

But if you have already transitioned to the new WiFi network, then your cameras wouldn't yet be connected to it, so you may no longer be able to control those cameras through the app. So you'll want to reset your camera from the hardware end, by pressing the Reset Button for 16 seconds. Here's how you find the button for each device:

  • Outdoor Camera - On the back of the unit, next to the USB power port.
  • Video Doorbell Pro - Unmount the unit by unscrewing the security screw. Then button is on the back, right above the USB port.
  • SimpliCam Indoor Camera - On the top of the unit.

Once you release, the camera should reboot, and after a couple of minutes, you should see it blinking white. It should then be ready to be set up again through the SimpliSafe app.

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5 years ago

Another easy way is to keep the same SSID and password as your old router.  The cameras and door bells will then see your new xFI router and connect to it as if it were your old router.
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