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Thursday, September 15th, 2022 1:23 AM

Video Doorbell Installation Help

Help.  We have 2 SS video doorbells.  They have functioned normally on and off for two years.   During that time we have replaced one doorbell, two transformers, two analog doorbell chimes, and two sets of SS Chime Connectors.  The original doorbell installation was a new construction install which included two doorbells, 23 gauge wiring, an analog doorbell chime and an 16VAC/10VA transformer.  Adding the SS video doorbells to that setup worked for several months before the doorbell chime kept buzzing.  SS tech support sent me a set of chime connectors to add to the system.  These connectors stopped the buzzing, but after about 4 months the cameras stopped working again.  This time the transformer was inoperative and both chimes were slightly melted.  I replaced the transformer with an Ultratech brand and used the 16VAC/24VA terminals and installed two new chime connectors and a new camera provided by SS.  Now after another 8 months or so operating normally the cameras have failed again.  SS tech support sent me a new chime connector and I installed a new transformer (16VAC/30VA).  The replacement analog door chime was a Hertz brand (from Lowe's) rated at 16VAc/10VA.  Almost immediately after putting power back on one of the cameras started working fine.  The second would not boot up and the chime connectors began to melt again.  Additionally the analog door chime began to smoke.  

My conversations with tech support have not helped except to send me new cameras and chime connectors.  They do not have input as to the size of transformer and analog digital chime to use (other than what is listed in the installation instructions.)  One of the tech support guys said he runs two chime connectors in series to help regulate the power for the doorbells.   I have checked the the high voltage side and the the low voltage side of the transformer and the readings seem to match what they should be.

Does anyone on this forum have a combination that is working for them?  Also, what brand of transformer and digital chime are you using?  

I do have an appointment with SS installation third party electricians to help with the problem -- 

Thank you for any input...


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2 years ago

I don't have the SS doorbell but I do have a Ring Pro (bought before SS had their own).  One thing that caught my eye is that you are using 23 ga wire.   Ring's preferred wire  is 18 ga. .  I wonder if you are dropping just enough voltage to give you the problems you are describing (especially if you have a long run from the doorbell to the transformer).

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@ronsec​ Thank you.  That issue is actually the one thing that makes most sense.  Sadly, the contractors use the cheapest wire that is not entirely compatible with the newer video doorbells that are now popular.  Unfortunately I am not sure that I will be able to run replacement wires due to the locations of the doorbells.  

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A good electrician should be able to do it.  They hook the new wire to the old wire at the bell and pull the new wire through.  Good luck!

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