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Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 2:16 AM

SimpliSafe Doorbell Chime Rings Constantly

When I hook up the doorbell to the with just the wiring that was left from the old doorbell, the chime goes off constantly. When I hook up the SS chime connector kit they supply, the chime does not sound at all.... UNLESS I remove one of the wires from the kit connections, and then it goes off continually. It does not matter which wire I remove, or whether it is on the chime side of the connector or the doorbell/transformer side of the connector. When I have everything hooked up, the chime does not sound at all, even when I press the button. The doorbell itself is working, and functions as it should. I can go through the set up of the doorbell, talk via my phone through the doorbell to someone on the outside, video and everything works, EXCEPT this chime. I should also note that the transformer is a 16 VAC transformer, as is required. I have also tried wiring in a relay via a forum I found online. Nothing is working on the chime side and I need some ideas please.

I know a long standing issue for SS is that their Video doorbell Pro does not work with any electronic, i.e. not electromechanical a "ding, dong" chime. It seems like there is a way around this problem from what I have found, just nothing fully working for me yet. 

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2 years ago

Hi @Austin_Jones ,

You're right, the Video Doorbell Pro is compatible only with analog/mechanical doorbells, and not digital/electronic doorbells. I'm not an electrician myself, so I couldn't advise on a way to make the Video Doorbell work for your situation.

Alternately, would a Wireless Outdoor Camera work for you? It's fully wireless and battery powered, so no need for wiring at all. You'd lose the doorbell functionality entirely, but you'll still be able to keep an eye on anyone approaching your doorstep.

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@davey_d​  hi my doorbell generally works fine, except every once in awhile (like last night) it will ring excessively for an hour or so. Always at night. I have deactivated the motion sensor bc someone told me the wind or something could set it off but that didn’t help last night. Any ideas would be very appreciated. 

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1 year ago

@davey_d Is it correct that the doorbell camera is not compatible with any digital doorbell chime? 

I find it ridiculous that this isn't mentioned anywhere on the website or product page. After calling customer service, the answer they ave me was, "too bad, it won't work at all."

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@jimmykennedy05​ from their product website...


Wifi connection (2.4GHz)

Existing wired doorbell setup

Mechanical chime

When will the Video Doorbell Pro support a digital chime?

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I just ran into this.. guess I'm replacing my chime with a mechanical. I see Nightowl and some Ring have a PowerAmp that goes in digital chimes. I'm wondering if this is the solution. 

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