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Friday, August 17th, 2018 3:13 AM

SimpliCam will not connect to my 2.4ghz WiFi


I have spent countless hours with SimpliSafe techs trying to resolve this over the phone and we are at an impasse.

The tech I finally got off the phone with has deemed this unresolvable.

I purchased two SimpliCams with my initial package.

My router is a dual band 2.4ghz and 5ghz.

I have it protected with fairly robust passwords (20+ characters) and each network has unique SSIDs and passwords.

I am definitely connecting to the 2.4, not the 5.  My passwords are long so as to not possibly mistype them I copy the password directly from my Linksys app so I know it's correct.

I have enabled MAC address filtering so I was careful to put in both MAC addresses for the two cameras prior to attempting to connect.

My SSIDs are broadcasting.

Setup failed from the other side of the house so now I am attempting from my computer desk and the router is on the same desk.  Distance is not an issue.

After troubleshooting last week, I was sent out two replacement cameras.  Deleted the old MAC addresses and entered these into my router.  Still will not connect.

Additional conversation with tech support and I was told to open up port forwarding (TCP) on 8890.

Opened and still not connecting to the router.

Is there anything else that can be done to get these damn cameras to connect????

I would really like to use this service but it's been such a struggle.

The message I get it "Camera cannot find WiFi network'.

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6 years ago

@gregory - i might be incorrect, but i do recall at one time there were issues with long passwords. i know a firmware update was to resolve some of those issues, but did you tell tech support your password is 20+ characters? I'm pretty sure there is/was a limit to password length. Have you tried changing to a short password, see if they connect?
Just a suggestion.

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6 years ago

For testing purposes, why don't you temporarily turn your wifi password off? Or, since you have a dual band router, see if you can enable a guest SSID with no password, for testing purposes.

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6 years ago

@krj - because that would be too easy...

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6 years ago

Open your router console and see if the cameras are out there trying to connect.  Like already said, temporary turn off password and mac filtering.

6 years ago

I'm having a similar issue.  Dual band router, connecting on 2.4 band with a small SSID and short password, tried MAC filtering etc.  When I am able to get the cameras to connect I'm lucky if they stay connected for longer than 24 hours.  I've removed and reinstalled one of the cameras a few times but still getting intermittent connectivity at best.    

Will try the Guest network with no PW soon.  Also, thinking it could be a problem with the router (coming up on 6 years old).  Might be a good time to invest in a smart switch and set up a separate VLAN :D

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6 years ago

@Boonies - what type of upload do you have?  I think the last number I remember seeing posted on this site is 1.5 M per camera.

SS - if that search function was a little more current/functional I wouldn't have to rely on my faulty memory for the upload requirements.

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6 years ago

When setting up, make sure your SSID is different on 2.4 GHz if you have a dual band router. If router broadcast same SSID for both bands, turn off the 5Ghz band. Also, turn off firewall while setting up.

Another thing, some wifi routers only allow 10 connections, which won't allow extra connection past 10, or you may connect then get kicked off later. My Simplicam does not show up in connected devices list in router, even though it is connected.

After camera is set up and you get video in the app, you can turn your firewall and 5Ghz back on, and turn SSID off, if you wish.

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6 years ago

Dear user(s),

While Simplisafe states that SimpliCam's are not compatible with 5Ghz, it should be noted that they are not compatible with all channels on 2.4Ghz, at least, not all the time. Your issue may greatly depend on what channel your Wifi Singal is broadcasting. Most wireless routers will typically broadcast channels 1, 6 and 11, as these channels will not bleed onto another.

However, if your SSID is broadcasting on any other channel, one where SNR is less than ideal, your SimpliCam will not connect.

Fix = Ensure your Wireless Router is broadcasting SSID on Channels 1, 6, or 11.

Best regards,

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5 years ago

Channel 11 is what fixed it for me, thanks for your help!

For others who may be frustrated, here's my story....

Just got a new SS system a few days ago and it came with a camera.  Overall system set up was pretty easy, including getting the camera CONNECTED but I couldn't get it to stream video.  Using the app on my phone, I would access the camera which was classified as "connected" in green, and the camera itself had a solid blue light.  When I'd touch "Watch Live" the camera would start flashing a blue light (as it should) and then after about 5-10 seconds I'd get a error message on screen and the flashing blue light would turn solid again.

I tried this with my phone using data (no WiFi) as well as phone connected to my 2.4 and 5 gHz systems, and no change.  

I began to suspect it was my router blocking the camera transmitting video OUT of the router (which would be required for me to be able to view it).

I started looking through all of the settings on my ASUS RT-AC87U (which I happen to be pretty familiar with and am a heavy user, doing a lot more than just hooking it up and connecting WiFi devices).  I tried eliminating all of the following things, one at a time, and testing afterwards to see if the camera was working....all to no avail.

* turning firewall off
* turning AiProtection off including both "Network Protection" and "Parental Controls"
* VPN server
* on the 2.4 gHz setting screen I even messed around a little bit w/ "Wireless Mode"

Then I read the post above from danny.tellechea and one by one tested channel 1 .... no go, channel 6 .... no go, channel 11 .... and it worked.  I then changed the channel to 8 and 3 just for yuks and the camera wouldn't work, put it back to 11 and all is good.

Hard to believe something this particular would make a difference, but I'm grateful to danny.tellechea for throwing it out there.  After this, I turned all of those asterisk I mentioned above back on, and everything is still working with the SS camera.

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Channel 11 fixed it for me too.

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5 years ago

Ok here's what i found
Do not scan the label on back of camera
Aim camera lens at spot on phone and wait till it beeps then follow directions by voice

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5 years ago

Ii am having issues connecting the simplisafe doorbell to my linksys router dual band, but it will connect to my personal hotspot from my verizon cell phone. Is anyone else having issues connecting to there linksys wifi?

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