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Monday, November 7th, 2022 3:53 PM

My battery is draining within four hours

My battery is draining within four hours have had the camera for 10 months this is not normal. Bought a new battery and within four hours got an alert ow battery again. I have a backyard camera never had a problem would usually recharge 3-4 months on average. Has to be a hardware issue short somewhere that is pulling too much power. Also not picking up any more motion and I don't have the auto light on. Should last longer than 4-6hrw before needs a charger.

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Sorry to hear about this camera issue. Yes, you are right, this not normal at all. It sounds like the camera is hanging, and getting stuck in a loop that drains the battery.


I would suggest doing a hard reset to refresh the firmware:

  1. On the back of the Camera, look for the Pairing Button.
  2. Press and hold for 16 seconds.
  3. When you release, the camera will reboot.
  4. Head over to the SimpliSafe app, and reinstall the camera like new.

If you continue to experience issues, I strongly suggest reaching out to our Support team, so we can get you a replacement unit.

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7 months ago

Did the camera get wet? I had one that just completely quit after a big storm last winter.

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