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Saturday, March 7th, 2020 4:48 AM

Security Doorbell Fail

We had noticed that our simplisafe door bell sometimes doesn't go off if you aren't right in front of it which bothers us but we weren't too worried since it seemed to capture motion well. Well today changed that, we had someone literally come up on our door stoop which is one step and steal an umbrella right in front of the camera. Not only is it super scary that someone had the nerve to do this but it's also very disappointing that a system we have trusted failed us drastically. There is no excuse for the camera not to capture this motion since the umbrella was literally right in front of it (and to clarify it was not blocking the camera so there should have not been any delay because of this), basically the camera just straight up didn't work. I'm really not concerned about the umbrella but more of the principal that we paid money for this to keep us safe and it's obviously not something we can count on. Very disappointing.
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